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This colour enum was consistent across all remaining 219 components, making organization of our source much cleaner.

Because we needed to quickly mask objects out with minimum impact on file size, I developed my process to have alpha masks able to provide 3 functions. This was conceived by making the alpha pass channel-based rather than monochromatic.


In this picture we can dynamically mask any of these base render passes based off of the green channel (Kat's arm), the red channel (the DMR), or the blue channel (our base armor layer). This was able to cut our file requirements in a third.

Shader Tree

An overview of the ~167 shaders that were generated by my script.

Vanity was constructed in WPF XAML with C# backend, with resources created in Photoshop and 3ds Max 2011.
12,625 lines of code were used for the compositing.


Bungie - Raw assets
Zteam - Extraction
Mike Davis - Backend coding
Nate Hawbaker - Project Director/Artist/UI Design

Please email any questions/bugs to

Known issues in v1.0:
Knife geometry missing from chest piece
Helmet attachments excluded
'Start Navigation' system noise
Fixed page size
Base/Security chest colour
Grenadier colour mismatch

Silver/Default visor colours are too close
Collar/Breacher chest rank is wrong

Plans for v1.2

Female Spartan models

Custom armors not seen in-game

Helmet Attachment system

Bug fixes
Armor effects
Prerequisite requirements


Mirror [1]

Note: At this time we have no plans to support a Mac version. It is out of our scope of development experience.
For help using a .rar file, please refer to this guide.


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